Why rentals

* Short-term and long term solutions for computer leasing, pc desktop computers rental and all other

 related computer rental services

*Highly experienced technical team – we have serviced a huge cross-section of business and

government agencies.

*Fast response – IT equipment moves quickly these days – sometimes we can even get it to you within the hour!


*Unbeatable prices – We offer the most competitive prices in computer IT Rentals.

*Friendly customer support – we pride ourselves in providing outstanding, friendly customer support be

it for rentals, administration or technical queries.

*Finest quality equipment – All PC desktop computers supplied are the best in the market. We

continuously upgrade our stock so you receive the best desktop computer rental equipment.

*All leading brands – computer plaza  offer top brands such as Toshiba, HP/Compaq, Hitachi,, IBM,

Sanyo , Sharp, and many more.

*Instant customisation –Computer Plaza  is the computer rental chandigarh company that offers you

rental solutions tailored to your requirements

*Geographical coverage – computer plaza covers a very large area of India for laptop and computer


Tax Advantages – Renting equipment may allow you to expense the rental payment. Consult your

tax advisor to learn more about the tax benefits of renting computer equipment

Contract Employees – Consider computer plaza to provide technology equipment for your temporary

personnel.  By renting you only pay for the time the equipment is required.

Budget Constraints –  Renting extends your budget when your work needs to be completed and the

capital for equipment purchase is not available.

*Latest IT Rental equipment – when you think of PC desktop computers for rent, laptops for rent,

projector for rent, or plasma for rent, one would always ask about stock availability, latest system

configuration and overall  system reliability. We regularly update our IT stock with the latest technology.

Whether you want a single system PC Hire or hundreds of items, COMPUTER PLAZA ( RENTAL )

CHANDIGARH  can provide it.