Server For Rent

Introduction - Desktop Rental

Computer Plaza, we realize it well the essentialness and significance of a dependable Server in a workplace. You can profit our leasing administration to get servers of all extraordinary brand according to the arrangement required.

We are essentially give our server renting administration all over the city with a moderate evaluating. We are serving our customers from most recent quite a long while and favored to have Indian and abroad corporates as our unwavering clients. .

We are represented considerable authority in Server rentals.Taking server on Rent will defend you from the downsides and the inadequacies of getting one. Taking on lease a server from us is helpful for you, will offer a cost-sparing alternative, don’t give your cash to be blocked access purchasing rather use it for better returns. Be have confidence about the administration as we will give you the quickest conceivable help all day, every day (365 days).

We offer server leasing on month to month and yearly plans which suit your business prerequisites. We likewise offer collected servers on lease. Our accomplished and devoted specialized just as backend bolster group will help in building and will test the servers according to your determinations preceding the conveyance.

We lease servers of various brands relying upon the task. We do have a wide scope of servers as a feature of our store that can be appropriate for all working framework families like Windows, Linux or Unix. We have a wide range of server equipment that will be suit your necessities, beginning from section level ones to top of the line or propelled servers, which can be designed according to your prerequisites. We have Tower just as Rack servers in our stock. The Tower Servers are worked in servers in independent upstanding cupboards and appears to be like PCs, yet these are utilized for purposes that is impossible utilizing a PC. They are favored for their adaptability and simpler to cool nature.

We additionally give telephone and on location support, which are dealt with by in fact qualified architects to guarantee all the issues are settled. We have servers with cutting edge design for all the hard core applications and some of the time for little office server applications.

Server Types

  1. Tower server
  2. Rack server
  3. Blade server

Why to Buy When you can rent?

Call us if any of the underneath situations concern you

  • Got another Project and need equipment for impermanent period?
  • Uncertain of a specific market potential and still need to investigate?
  • Stressed over innovation out of date quality and need to protect yourself?
  • Running tight on your income or have as of now overspent yout IT financial plan?
  • Servers are down and you need to reestablish your significant information?
  • Need superprocessing power for a present moment?
  • Searching for a transitory application/programming test research facility?
  • Need to test programming applications on single or different stages?
  • Need to grow your capacity unit?
  • Need to relocate your significant information and need additional equipment for present moment?
  • You have occasions, classes, exchange fairs, film sets and need hardware for explicit period?
  • Have taken up a re-appropriating venture that is time bound?
  • Experienced catastrophe? Tremor, fire and so forth and can’t maintain your business successfully?
  • Need to arrangement a financially savvy catastrophe recuperation site?
  • Try not to trust assemled equipment to shape your IT spine, searching for marked items?
  • Your equipment provider is temperamental or can’t flexibly you on deadline?
  • Need to begin your new office and require your hardware the SAME DAY?

Rent a Desktop

Either you need Basic desktop or High-tech Desktop. We have a Varieties of them like, Wireless, I5 I7 etc, we have quality products for the use with latest versions. We have all the branded and latest versions available for the use. If you want to know get more information enquire now we’ll resolve your query